Dr. Rachel Rubin, Co-Founder, College Consultant

Dr, Rachel RubinDr. Rubin is one of the leading college admissions consultants worldwide. For years, Dr. Rubin has been working with students and their families to help applicants reach their college admission goals. She has also served on admissions committees at selective universities and has first-hand knowledge of their admission processes. In addition, Dr. Rubin has conducted some of the most significant and comprehensive research to date on how elite U.S. colleges and universities make admissions decisions.  In 2012, Dr. Rubin's research received international media attention from outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME and CNN.



Rachel Blankstein, Co-Founder, College Consultant

Rachel Blankstein

Rachel Blankstein is a co-founder of Spark Admissions, having worked for several years in the field of college and graduate school admissions. Rachel works with students to help them gain admission to Ivy League and other selective U.S. colleges and universities. In addition, Rachel is a member of the University of Chicago Alumni Admissions Committee.



Connor Beatty, Senior College Admissions Consultant


Connor Beatty is deeply committed to working with high school students to help them gain admission to the colleges and universities that best match their needs and goals. As a Senior College Admissions Consultant, Connor especially enjoys assisting students in developing unique personal narratives that will allow them to create exceptional applications and essays.



Dr. Lindsay Cohen, Senior College Admissions Consultant & Director of External Relations


A Senior College Admissions Consultant at Spark Admissions, Lindsay Cohen is a veteran educational advisor with experience guiding students in admissions and higher education. Dr. Cohen works with students to help them develop their academic skills, expand their extracurricular interests, and attain admission to their top choice schools.



Dr. Rachel Knecht, Senior College Admissions Consultant


Dr. Rachel Knecht has advised students in admissions, academics, and writing for more than a decade. As a Senior College Admissions Consultant at Spark Admissions, Dr. Knecht works with students to create unique applications and gain acceptance to their best-fit colleges.



Dr. Matt Newman, Senior College Admissions Consultant

Dr. Matt Newman, Senior Admissions Consultant

Dr. Matt Newman has worked for more than a decade in academic advising and undergraduate and graduate admissions. As a Senior College Admissions Consultant, Dr. Newman advises high school students on academic and extracurricular planning, crafting vibrant essays, and interviewing. 



Dr. Taylor Papallo-Wall, Senior College Admissions Consultant

Dr. Taylor Papallo-Wall, Senior Admissions Consultant

Dr. Papallo-Wall has been part of the Spark Admissions team for over 5 years after earning his doctorate from Yale University. As a Senior College Admissions Consultant, Dr. Papallo-Wall guides high school students through the college admissions process, aids them in locating and obtaining internship opportunities, and helps them to develop their academic and study skills.



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