How We Stand Apart

Spark is different than other admissions consulting firms. Here’s why:

  1. We are the best admissions consulting firm in the country. We know how to help our students achieve their goals and get results, which is why we have more 5-star Google reviews than any other admissions consulting firm in the country. In addition, we have been featured in Time, CNN, The Boston Globe, U.S. News and World Report, Money, The Wall Street Journal, and more.
  2. We did the research on how top colleges and universities make admissions decisions. Spark was started by Harvard doctorate Rachel Rubin and University of Chicago MBA Rachel Blankstein. While at Harvard, Dr. Rubin published the largest study to date regarding how the top 75 American colleges and universities make admissions decisions. Our firm continues this research-based approach; we have the expertise that comes with examining admissions from an analytical standpoint.
  3. Our results are second to none. Please see our results. We know the “admissions game” and help students and their families through every aspect of the admissions process. We leave no stone unturned. That’s why 96% of our students are accepted to one of their top-choice schools and why we have a 99% sibling return rate.
  4. We are focused on student growth. Guiding students to achieve their goals requires a holistic approach that involves helping students with every aspect of their academic and extracurricular development. We help students identify their passions, determine what they want to study, and capitalize on their extracurricular strengths. By simultaneously honing both academics and extracurricular activities, our students are better prepared for a successful high school and college experience.
  5. We help students build skills. We expose students to the experiences they need to flourish in college and beyond. Whether it is securing internships, improving study skills, honing interview capabilities, or developing leadership opportunities, we help students build the foundation to thrive.
  6. We care about our students above all. We are our students’ biggest cheerleaders. Not only do we guide them to do the hard work needed to reach their goals, but we also motivate them, keep them on track, and build their self-confidence through their achievements.
  7. Our consultants are truly admissions experts. At Spark, each student and family works with one consultant throughout the entire process, forging a strong and long-lasting relationship. All of our consultants live and breathe admissions full-time, all have admissions experience at selective colleges and independent schools, all attended top universities and graduate schools, and all have a true passion for coaching students to reach their goals. For us, admissions is not just a job—it's our life's work.
  8. We help students develop unique, compelling applications. We coach our students on writing and presentation skills and ensure that their applications shine. We help students to produce stellar resumes, write compelling application essays, and ready themselves to succeed in college and independent school interviews.
  9. We are always learning. At Spark, we like to think of ourselves as an “admissions think tank.” We constantly analyze everything related to admissions as a cohesive team. We understand exactly how to assess what is best for each student as well as what private schools and colleges are seeking in their admissions processes.
  10. We work with all types of students. We have deep experience working with a large variety of students. While many families come to us to help their children gain admission to Ivy League colleges and universities or top-ranked independent schools, we also work with students who have learning challenges, as well as those who are primarily interested in attending art schools or enrolling in BS/MD programs.
  11. Our service is impeccable. We are extremely responsive and pride ourselves on the level of service we provide. We are empathetic, encouraging, and always available for our students and families. Providing exceptional support and lowering stress are always on our mind.

sparkadmissionsteamSpark provides customized guidance to help you get into your top-choice schools.