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Why Are College Admission Rates So Low and Not Just at the Ivy League?

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Many More Women Than Men Applied to Brown University’s Class of 2027

How do gender gaps in both applicant pools and student bodies vary across institutions? What do they mean for you?

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A woman taking notes in a notebook while working on a laptop.

What Effect Will ChatGPT Have on College Admissions?

What is ChatGPT? What impact will it make on college admissions? And what do you need to know about it as you apply?

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A student hidden behind a stack of AP and IB textbooks.

Early Decision 2 (or EDII) is Becoming Even More Important

What is Early Decision II, and why should you take advantage of it? Find out more here!

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What to Know About Video Submissions or Video Interviews at Top Colleges

What are colleges seeking in the new introductory videos some of them are requesting? Find out more here!

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A female student at her school desk taking a test on a scantron form.

Columbia University Becomes Permanently Test-Optional with No SAT/ACT Requirement

Columbia's decision may have broader implications. Find out more here!

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A man filling out a paper application, while sitting in front of a laptop that states "Send your application now!".

Early Decision and Early Action Applications Continue to Rise at Top Colleges

ED and EA applications are on the rise! What does this mean for you?

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A graduating senior in her cap standing in front of a chalk board covered in question marks.

Your Major Can Impact College Admissions Success

Colleges compare students within their stated majors of interest. If you’re going for a particularly popular major, how can you stand out from a big pool of other applicants?

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