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College Admissions Strategies

College Sports Recruiting Tips, Part I

November 11, 2016
Written by Taylor

Being a college athletic recruit certainly sounds alluring. As college admissions continues to get more competitive, it’s understandable that high school athletes would have dreams of the day when schools compete over them, as opposed to the other way around. But college athletics recruiting requires more than simply waiting to be discovered; there’s hard work involved.

Three Tips for Getting into College

March 07, 2013
Written by Rachel B. Rubin

When applying to college, here are three quick tips to remember:

Did I Get Accepted into My Top College Picks? The Waiting Game

March 06, 2013
Written by Rachel B. Rubin

If you're a senior in high school, you've probably just finished applying to colleges and are now taking a deep breath. While you likely feel relieved, you're also continually thinking about how you could have made your college application package stronger and wondering how you compare to your competition. DON'T. What's done is done and you can't change anything at this point.

Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Admission: What Should I Choose?

March 04, 2013
Written by Rachel B. Rubin

You've probably heard the terms Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) several times as you've looked through college brochures, surfed the admissions websites of the colleges you're considering, and talked to your guidance counselor and friends. But are you clear exactly what they mean, what their differences are, and when you should apply ED, EA, or Regular admission?

What Are The Pros and Cons of Applying Early to College?

February 27, 2013
Written by Rachel B. Rubin

It’s important to understand the pros and cons of applying early to college so that you can make a well-informed decision. Unless specified, the pros are relevant for Early Decision and Early Action applicants, whereas the cons are relevant only for Early Decision applicants.