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How the University of California’s Standardized Testing Decision Will Change College Admissions

June 04, 2020
Written by Taylor

After years of threatening to drop its SAT/ACT requirement, the University of California finally pulled the plug. The immense disruptions to standardized testing created by COVID-19 shut-downs, combined with the apparent difficulty of registering for the limited test dates that remain, led the University of California to make fundamental changes to their testing requirements.

What Will College Admissions Officers Care About in the Age of COVID-19?

June 02, 2020
Written by Taylor

The coronavirus pandemic has forced schools to close their doors, summer programs to cancel, testing centers to close indefinitely, and campuses to end visits and tours. Grades, clubs, athletics, volunteer work, standardized tests—all of these elements of the high school experience are in complete disarray. In short, the normal metrics by which college admissions officers evaluate applicants are simply not the same this year. Right now, the million-dollar question is: what will replace them?

What Colleges Are—and Aren’t—Saying About Gap Years

May 31, 2020
Written by Taylor

Colleges are trying to plan for next fall, but uncertainty still reigns supreme. As a result, many graduating high school seniors are considering deferring their college enrollment to pursue a gap year in hopes that in-person learning will resume in Fall 2021. Here's what colleges are—and aren't—saying about that possibility.

Ivy League Colleges Still Want to See Your Test Scores During COVID

May 07, 2020
Written by Taylor

On April 22, Cornell University dropped a bomb in the college admissions world. Due to the disruptions to test dates caused by COVID-19, the university said, it would not require the submission of SAT or ACT scores by applicants in 2020-2021. Were even the most elite universities souring on standardized tests? As it turns out... not exactly.

Recent Developments in College Admissions Due to COVID-19

May 05, 2020
Written by Taylor

Here you can find the latest information about how COVID-19 is affecting the process for preparing for, applying to, and attending college in the United States. Please check back often to stay on top of the latest developments!