College Application and Essay Guidance

Writing the Common Application essay and college-specific essays are known to be the most challenging and time-consuming components of the application process. Based on Spark Co-Founder Dr. Rachel Rubin’s research, cited in the New York Times, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal, we know that college essays are some of the most important decision-making criteria. College admissions officers want to know more about each applicant--beyond grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities. Essays should be creative and unique, within the confines of a well thought-out, structured topic. College essays can involve multiple rewrites and iterations to produce the perfect essay that captures your unique personality.

Spark Admissions offers professional guidance for rising and current seniors to help them finalize their college lists, complete their college applications, and write exceptional essays. Working with Spark Admissions helps students present themselves in the best possible light while ensuring that they are applying to appropriate schools with dynamic, thoughtful, and unique applications. 

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College Application and Essay Services and Pricing

 Common Application EssayCommon Application PackageCommon Application Plus 3 School Applications Package***Common Application Plus 7 School Applications Package***Hourly Advice
•Meeting in-person or via Skype to brainstorm an exceptional essay topic that communicates why you are unique
•Suggesting a detailed outline of the essay’s components so that it is structured appropriately to facilitate essay writing
•Providing essay edits and suggestions for improvement after each essay draft to help guide you toward an exceptional finished essay
•Advising on all components of the Common Application, including the extracurricular activity list, academic overview, recommendations, and additional details section for submission of a flawless Common Application
•Providing advice regarding brainstorming, outlining, revising, and finalizing all aspects of each application for 3 colleges or universities, including unlimited guidance on all supplemental essays
•Developing an initial college list, indicating which schools are reach, target, and safety schools, tailored to the student's interests and academic profile    
•Answering questions or providing guidance on any aspect of the college admissions process 
Pricing $2,495 $2,995 $4,995* $6,995* $595**

* $595 for each additional school application.

** A minimum of 3 hours is required.

*** Only includes school on the Common Application.