Athletic Admissions

Spark Admissions has helped countless student-athletes successfully navigate the college admissions and recruitment process. We help students efficiently and effectively plan for the process of becoming an athletic recruit at top-ranked colleges and universities.

Perfecting your athletic skills is essential to being recruited for an athletic team at top U.S. colleges. However, colleges also consider a number of other factors when making admissions decisions. Of particular importance to colleges are students’ academic, intellectual, and extracurricular accomplishments, among others. Successful recruits often receive coaching both on and off the “playing field” to increase their likelihood of gaining admission to top colleges and universities.

Spark has years of experience helping athletes in sports such as squash, crew, soccer, baseball, swimming, and tennis gain admission to Ivy League and other top-ranked colleges and universities. In addition, Spark’s founder conducted the largest study to date on How the Top 75 U.S. Colleges and Universities Make Admissions Decisions. Spark is also often featured in media outlets such as CNN, Time, and the Wall Street Journal.

Spark Admissions offers coaching throughout high school in the following areas:

  • ✔ Advising on intellectual development and assessment of students’ strengths and weaknesses
  • ✔ Providing academic enrichment, study skills development & academic monitoring
  • ✔ Developing and refining a personalized college admissions strategy and timeline
  • ✔ Assistance obtaining internships and summer opportunities
  • ✔ Determining appropriate college majors or courses of study
  • ✔ Creating standardized test preparation strategies
  • ✔ Determining where to apply and preparing for campus visits
  • ✔ Helping brainstorm, outline, and edit all college essays and submitting unique, exceptional college applications

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sparkadmissionsteamSpark provides customized guidance to help you get into your top-choice schools.