Preparation Services

Spark Admissions finds that college preparation is crucial to obtaining admission to students’ top-choice colleges. Spark knows what highly-selective colleges want and recommends that students interested in such schools begin preparation as early as freshman year. We have found that most high schools simply do not provide students with the proper roadmap for preparing for the competitive college admissions environment. To that end, we offer several services to help students prepare for college admissions:

The Development Package

Most families find that regular one-on-one coaching is the key to attaining their child’s goals. To that end, Spark meets with students in eighth and ninth grades to help students execute their designed strategies in order to gain acceptance into top schools. Spark Admissions assists students with addressing their weaknesses, and ensures that students are performing at the height of their academic potential. The more students strategically use their time throughout high school, the stronger their skills and high school resume will be when they apply to college.

Some of the key college preparation services we provide are as follows:

  • ✔ Advice on a student’s unique skills and attributes so that he or she may build upon those characteristics in preparation for the college application process
  • ✔ Advice on high school course selection
  • ✔ Advice on extracurricular participation and community involvement
  • ✔ Assistance identifying and obtaining appropriate internships
  • ✔ Academic monitoring and timeline management to help students achieve strong grades
  • ✔ Skill-set development (e.g., organizational, study, note-taking skills)
  • ✔ Advice on planning for and preparing for all forms of standardized testing
  • ✔ Assistance developing a student intellectually in the areas top colleges value
  • ✔ Assistance developing student’s writing and analytical skills




sparkadmissionsteamSpark provides customized guidance to help you get into your top-choice schools.