Spark believes that college preparation is critical to meeting your college admissions goals.  The more students strategically use their time throughout high school, the stronger their skills and high school resume will be when they apply to college.

We work with eighth graders and high school freshmen on college preparation so that they can make the best use of their high school years. Spark Admissions' College Preparation package is $8,195 for 15 hours of consulting.

Some of the key college preparation services we provide are as follows:

  • ✔ Advice on high school course selection
  • ✔ Advice on extracurricular participation and community involvement
  • ✔ Assistance with identifying and obtaining appropriate internships
  • ✔ Academic monitoring and timeline management to help students achieve strong grades
  • ✔ Skill-set development (e.g., organizational skills, effectively using homework time)
  • ✔ Assistance developing students' initial college list


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Spark provides customized guidance to help you get into your top-choice schools.