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College counseling tailored to fit your needs

Spark Admissions college counselors provide expert, hands-on guidance through every step of the college preparation and application process.

Our goal is to work with you to develop unique and compelling applications that are perfected to best reflect your child’s strengths and set him or her apart. Our comprehensive packages are for students in eighth grade through senior year in high school.

Please see the list below for all of the services that we provide. We tailor our services to your needs so that your student thrives in high school and gains admission to his or her top-choices colleges.

Smiling teen girl with dark curly hair standing outside school tucking hair behind ear
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The Spark Advantage

Our comprehensive packages are tailored to fit families’ exact needs. In addition to answering all questions you have during our time together, all our comprehensive packages include:

  • Analyzing and assessing students’ strengths and weaknesses relative to their goals;
  • Developing strategies for students to stand out in the admissions process;
  • Providing academic enrichment, study skills development, and academic monitoring;
  • Determining appropriate college majors and courses of study;
  • Providing advice on extracurricular development;
  • Advising on letters of recommendation;
  • Creating standardized testing plans;
  • Helping to obtain internships and summer opportunities;
  • Developing appropriate college lists and early admission strategies;
  • Preparing students for interviews;
  • Managing application materials and timelines;
  • Brainstorming, outlining, and editing college application essays;
  • Reviewing and perfecting the Common Application;
  • Providing continuous guidance on client questions.

Flexible pricing to fit your needs

We offer three comprehensive college preparation and application packages for 9th and 10th graders below. In addition, we offer packages for juniors and incoming seniors that are flexible and meet your needs. We’ll recommend the package to best suit your needs during your free initial consultation. Then, we’ll work together to determine how to best use those hours to help your child achieve his or her goals.

We have more 5-star Google reviews than any other college consulting firm.

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