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Spark Admissions is the nation’s highest-rated college admissions consulting firm. Not only does Spark have a perfect 5-star Google review, its dedication to quality and results are better than any other college admissions consulting firm’s results. Specifically, Spark Admissions’ results for Ivy League admissions is 8 times the national average admissions rate and Spark’s results at many of the top 50 colleges are 6 times the national average admissions rates.

Further, Spark Admissions is a true consulting firm, which means that we have a distinct methodology and we are continuously updating our best practices in preparing students for each aspect of the college preparation and college admissions process. Also, we only hire full-time college admissions consultants and those who are experienced with coaching students in areas such as leadership, communication, study skills and writing. The result is that our students are the most prepared they can be and have better results in their admissions processes.

We work with students throughout the United States in the areas listed below who are applying to the top colleges and universities in the United States.


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Spark Admissions has the highest college admissions success rate in the country.

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