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Dr. Joseph Fisher

Senior College Admissions Consultant

As a senior admissions consultant, Dr. Joseph Fisher has a proven track record of helping his students gain admission to their top-choice schools through his extensive experience in admissions consulting.

At Columbia University, Dr. Fisher participated in student recruitment and admissions processes, giving him deeper insight into Ivy League admissions from the university perspective. He uses this insight to provide a comprehensive approach to the admissions process, helping students strategically plan coursework, pursue extracurricular interests, identify internships, and prepare for interviews.

Dr. Fisher taught writing and humanities courses as a lead instructor in Columbia University’s writing program. This experience, along with his work as a writing coach, makes him especially well-equipped to help students develop admissions essays that communicate their unique strengths and stories.

Dr. Fisher holds a doctorate from Columbia University. He lives with his partner and their beloved cat, Kitten, and dog, Moota.

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