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How to Get Into Film School or Art School

Guidance that helps your child’s creativity flourish

Spark Admissions works with many students who would like to explore their passion for art, film or music during their time in college. We help them consider whether it is best for them to apply to colleges and universities wholly dedicated to art, film, or music, or to colleges and universities with distinct programs in their given specialties.

Our college consultants are skilled at coaching students to prepare for highly competitive arts, film or music schools. We help our students develop strong applicant strategies and determine where to apply, and guide them through every step of the admissions process to achieve their goals.

Art, Film & Music School College Consulting Services

We work with students on all aspects of the college preparation, application, and admissions process to provide them the best possible opportunities.

Arts students working with us can expect:

  • Providing personalized, knowledgeable guidance on where to apply and to which programs;
  • Guiding students through the application process, including the requirements and deadlines unique to art, film or music schools and related programs;
  • Helping students develop strong narratives in their chosen artistic fields, including summer programs and extra classes for further skill development;
  • Working closely with students to write strong application essays;
  • Connecting students with appropriate resources to help them build and strengthen their artistic portfolios, one of the most essential pieces of art, film and music school applications;
  • Ensuring all parts of the process run smoothly, including creating testing strategies, developing students’ leadership potential, providing academic support, and honing perfect applications.
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The Spark Advantage

In addition to our fine-arts-specific services, all students who work with Spark Admissions college consultants receive:

  • Clear goals and a roadmap for getting into their top-choice colleges;
  • A personalized, multi-year strategy for maximizing their admissions potential;
  • Help honing academic and extracurricular strengths;
  • Advice on intellectual enrichment, study skills, and academic improvement;
  • Guidance on application and essay development to ultimately submit stellar college applications;
  • A long-term relationship with a counselor who is dedicated to helping students meet their fullest potential and is readily available to answer questions.
Close-up of high school girl with long blonde hair playing violin

Flexible pricing to fit your needs

We offer four comprehensive college preparation and application packages for families interested in applying to art, film, and music schools. We’ll recommend the package that’s right for you during our initial consultation, and then we’ll work together to determine how we’ll use your hours to help your child achieve their goals.

Success Stories

We’ve worked with many students to pursue their dreams of collegiate studio art, design, film, music, dance, theater, architecture, and more.


Ben came to Spark Admissions as a talented high school student interested in gaining admission to a top undergraduate film program.

Ben had already gained initial exposure to film, but his Spark Admissions counselor offered multiple opportunities to strengthen his film studies in high school, increase his grades, and hone his personal narrative to further position himself as a highly desirable candidate for the nation’s top film schools.

What We Did

Ben’s Spark Admissions counselor:

  • Helped him identify creative avenues through which he could broaden and deepen his film resume;
  • Identified the academic and skills-focused classes he needed to build out his film portfolio;
  • Provided coaching that deepened his study skills, helped him overcome academic challenges, and ultimately raised his GPA, which helped him gain notice among admissions committees;
  • Worked with him to identify the film schools and programs that were the best fit for his personality and career goals;
  • Guided him through crafting outstanding admissions essays, application materials, and elements of his film portfolio.

Admissions Result

Ben earned admission to the New York University Tisch School of the Arts and the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, the two most-competitive film schools in the country.

*Student’s name changed for privacy


Olivia was a good student and strong test taker with a passion for art, but her family had never considered it as a serious academic pursuit.

We began working with Olivia her junior year to elucidate her long-term career goals, which, in turn, guided her college application journey. Then, we provided the expert guidance she needed to prepare for—and successfully earn admission to—her top-choice schools.

What We Did

Olivia’s college admissions counselor:

  • Helped her narrow her interests and identify her passion for art as a viable course of study and ultimate career path;
  • Worked with Olivia to obtain college-level credit for her elective art classes and spend a summer in Spain studying art history;
  • Assisted her in securing two different art internships that allowed her to also give back to a local nonprofit and healthcare system;
  • Helped her expand membership in a club she’d founded to benefit more members of her community;
  • Provided expert guidance on all aspects of the college admissions process, including insightful feedback and direction on her college essays and application materials.

Admissions Result

Olivia was accepted to Stanford University, Dartmouth University, Northwestern University, and a number of other competitive colleges and universities.

*Student’s name changed for privacy

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