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How Applying Early Affects Students

January 18, 2019
Written by Taylor

As the number of applications to colleges across the country continues to rise, more and more students are opting to apply early to their top choice schools. Students hope that this tactic will help them stand out, and it often does increase their likelihood of admission.

Early Decision and Early Action Applications Surge in 2018-2019 College Admissions

January 18, 2019
Written by Taylor

With rising numbers of students all over the country applying to college—especially the most selective schools, it is no wonder that they are grasping for every possible advantage. One of the most well-documented ways to increase your chances of admission to a top school is to apply early, either through Early Action (EA) or Early Decision (ED).

Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) Notification Dates for 2018/2019 (College Class of 2023)

December 06, 2018
Written by Mark

Although college application season is not yet over, for students graduating high school this year (2019) who have applied Early Decision (ED) or Early Action to their top schools, anticipation is growing.

How the Harvard Case Affects College Admissions

November 14, 2018
Written by Taylor

Harvard’s recent 2018 college admissions lawsuit unearths several common trends not widely disseminated outside of higher education circles before now.

Test-Optional Really Is Optional

October 04, 2018
Written by Taylor

Do colleges actually mean it when they say that they're test-optional, or would they secretly prefer that applicants submit their test scores after all? Are you at a disadvantage if you don't submit your scores?