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Playing College Squash Without Getting Recruited

A collection of squash equipment.

In our previous post, we discussed the competitive recruiting landscape for college squash. For many students who love the game of squash but don’t want to (or can’t) prioritize practice and tournaments beyond their other activities, a recruiting slot simply won’t be an option.

However, if you find yourself among the large group of squash players who won’t be recruited, there are still plenty of options for playing squash in college! In some cases, you may be able to walk on to a spot on a varsity team. But as the sport grows in popularity, many colleges and universities now offer strong and vibrant student-run club squash teams that you can join once you arrive on campus. Club teams also provide a great way to keep playing squash even if your college of choice doesn’t have a varsity team.

Here is a list of schools with club teams*:

* List from the College Squash Association

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