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8th Grade College Prep

An early advantage in your child’s college journey

We begin working with students as early as 8th grade to help them develop a strong academic and extracurricular foundation and increase their potential.

Students who receive consistent, thoughtful guidance on how to effectively navigate high school have more successful, enriching high school experiences. This, in turn, makes them more competitive college applicants and provides them the time to formulate compelling, authentic stories for their applications.

8th Grade Services

Parents whose children begin working with us in 8th grade often say doing so alleviates stress and boosts confidence. Starting early ensures that your child has access to the best possible opportunities.

Students working with us in 8th grade can expect:

  • Guidance on what courses to take during all four years of high school;
  • An individualized academic roadmap for developing interests in and out of school;
  • A five-year plan that aligns extracurricular activities, summer plans, and academic interests;
  • Counsel on creating or choosing extracurricular activities to build a leadership profile;
  • Ideas for unique ways to stimulate their curiosity and increase their potential;
  • Advice on how to manage time, study, learn and advocate for themselves to achieve their full academic promise.
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Smiling young high school boy of Asian descent wearing glasses and braces sitting at desk in classroom with classmates behind him

The Spark Advantage

Along with our 8th-grade-specific services, all students who work with Spark Admissions college consultants receive:

  • A clear outline, timeline and ultimately a strategy for getting into their top-choice colleges;
  • A customized, multi-year plan for maximizing their chances of admission ;
  • Assistance developing and refining a student’s academic and extracurricular resume throughout high school;
  • Guidance on intellectual enrichment, study strategies, and academic improvement;
  • Mentorship on developing leadership and communication skills that will help a student’s college applications and personal growth;
  • Help with application and essay development to create memorable and effective college applications;
  • A long-term relationship with a college admissions consultant who is devoted to helping students maximize their potential and is available for individual and family support throughout the entire application process.
Smiling young high school boy of Asian descent wearing glasses and braces sitting at desk in classroom with classmates behind him

Flexible pricing to fit your needs

We offer four comprehensive college preparation and application packages for 8th-grade families. We’ll discuss how our packages work during our initial consultation, and then we’ll strategize how to best use your hours to help your child achieve their goals.

Success Stories

Families who begin working with us in 8th grade benefit from a multi-year relationship with their college admissions consultant and emerge with exceptional application narratives.


Aidan came to Spark Admissions as a bright middle schooler with exceptional grades and a passion for playing sports.

His parents wanted help developing Aidan’s interests during high school. They knew this would result in a more enriching, interesting high school experience, and would also help him stand out when applying to the nation’s top-tier colleges and universities.

Spark Admissions counselors have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to earn admission at competitive schools. We put that expertise to work helping Aidan develop his personal story.

What We Did

Aidan’s Spark Admissions counselor:

  • Worked with him to identify and hone his areas of academic interest;
  • Helped him start a club that developed his leadership skills while giving back to his community;
  • Identified and helped him secure several internships during high school;
  • Guided him on course selection, project management and communications skills;
  • Worked with him to develop a right-fit college list based on his academic and personal goals;
  • Provided thoughtful, constructive feedback on his college essays and application materials.

Admissions Result

Aidan was accepted to highly competitive schools including the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, Duke University, Dartmouth College, and Cornell University.

*Student’s name changed for privacy


John was a very gifted, deeply caring 8th grader enrolled at one of the strongest all-boys schools in Massachusetts when he came to Spark Admissions.

His parents wanted him to have a happy and fulfilling college experience at a top-tier school that matched his level of intellectual ability.

We worked with John starting in the middle of 8th grade and throughout high school to hone his interests and focus his narrative to help him stand out among the competitive admissions environment for the nation’s elite colleges and universities.

What We Did

John’s Spark Admissions counselor:

  • Helped him define his academic interests and develop a unique, strategic resume;
  • Suggested clubs and activities where John could curate his leadership skills;
  • Assisted him in applying and earning admission to a prestigious, multi-year research program at MIT;
  • Identified ways for John to demonstrate his exceptional level of interest and care for his community;
  • Helped create a college list reflective of his academic and personal goals;
  • Brainstormed, outlined, and provided insightful feedback on all of John’s college essays and other application materials.

Admissions Result

John was accepted Single Choice Early Action to Harvard University.

*Student’s name changed for privacy

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