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College Admissions Consulting for Seniors

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We assist rising and current seniors with all aspects of the applications process to help them reach their college admissions goals.

We work closely with students as they develop unique essays and compelling application materials to position themselves in the best possible light. We also provide strategic advice on applying to college early, a careful timeline for the process, college interview preparation, and other resources to make the experience of applying to college as stress-free and seamless as it can be.

12th Grade Services

Spark Admissions college consultants take the lead to eliminate admissions guesswork, ensure students meet deadlines, and help them achieve their admissions goals.

Students working with us senior year can expect:

  • A clear timeline for completion of all admissions-related tasks;
  • Suggestions to fill any remaining academic or extracurricular weaknesses in their resumes;
  • A college list reflective of their academic and personal goals;
  • Guidance on college visits, including advice on what to look for at each school;
  • Help identifying strengths to highlight in their applications;
  • Preparation for college admissions interviews through mock sessions and extensive feedback;
  • Review of the Common Application to ensure it is completed flawlessly;
  • Management of applications materials, timelines, and deadlines for all applications.
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The Spark Advantage

For 12th graders, all students who work with Spark Admissions receive:

  • An individualized strategy for boosting their admissions potential;
  • Building a narrative for college essays and applications to help each student stand out;
  • Brainstorming, outline and editing college essays to help bolster students’ chances of admission to their top-choice colleges;
  • A personalized relationship with a college counselor who is committed to helping students throughout the entirety of the college application process in a way that is designed around the student’s particular strengths and interests.
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Comprehensive College Admissions Consulting Services

We provide four comprehensive college preparation and application packages for incoming 12th-grade families. During our initial consultation, we will discuss the package that’s right for you and your student, and then we’ll collaboratively plan on how to use your hours to best set up your child for success.

Success Stories

Our college counselors help high school seniors craft and submit excellent college applications.


David came to Spark Admissions with a B+ average and actively involved in his boarding school. However, he did not know where to apply or how to demonstrate his achievements.

As he entered senior year, David’s family turned to us for help showcasing his unique strengths, managing the application process, and helping him complete exceptional applications.

We understand what college admissions officers seek in applicants, and we put that knowledge to work helping David hone his personal narrative, build his leadership profile, and become a strong applicant.

What We Did

David’s Spark Admissions counselor:

  • Helped him evaluate his diverse interests and determine an intended college major;
  • Suggested ways to create a richer academic profile;
  • Helped him start a new club at his high school to develop his leadership profile;
  • Scheduled weekly check-in meetings to make consistent progress on application essays;
  • Managed application timelines and deadlines and ensured application materials were completed to perfection.

Admissions Result

David was accepted to the University of Southern California, his top-choice school, among other colleges and universities.

*Student’s name changed for privacy


Nicole was an exceptional college candidate with a strong academic track record and an accomplished resume.

Her family hired Spark Admissions to help Nicole’s full potential shine in her college essays and application materials.

What We Did

Nicole’s Spark Admissions counselor:

  • Worked with her to develop a crisp, compelling narrative in her admissions essays;
  • Helped her focus her writing to ensure it clearly, effectively communicated her key points;
  • Assisted her with brainstorming, essay development and refinement of the introspective and numerous school-specific essays required for admission to top-ranked colleges;
  • Provided guidance on all questions about and aspects of the college admissions process;
  • Managed Nicole’s application materials, timelines, and deadlines for all schools.

Admissions Result

Nicole was accepted to Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University and Princeton University.

*Student’s name changed for privacy

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