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Spark Admissions has the highest college admissions acceptance rates in the country. To achieve this success, our exceptional college consultants guide students and families through every step of the college preparation and college application process. Our consultants understand how to motivate high school students to accomplish ambitious goals, while maintaining empathy and building trust.

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Spark Admissions 2020-2024 Acceptance Rates

Our college admissions results are 8 times the national average for Ivy League admissions and 6 times the national average for many top 50 colleges and universities.

College National Acceptance Rate Spark Acceptance Rate Spark Acceptances Spark Applications
Bowdoin College 9% 74% 14 19
Brown University 5% 57% 34 60
Duke University 6% 55% 16 29
Georgetown University 13% 61% 22 36
Harvard University 3% 48% 28 58
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5% 50% 14 28
Northwestern University 7% 47% 21 45
Stanford University 4% 50% 12 24
University of California--Berkeley 12% 63% 25 40
University of Virginia 16% 56% 41 73
Williams College 9% 50% 8 16
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Our college admissions consulting expertise has been featured in:

In the past decade, we’ve helped over a thousand students gain admission to their top-choice schools.

Spark Admissions continuously attains astounding success helping students gain admission to Ivy League and other top-ranked colleges and universities. Our admissions counselors assist students and their families with every aspect of the college planning, admissions, and application process to understand and realize their goals. Spark has the highest college admissions success rate in the country.

8x the national average

Spark’s admissions rates are 8x higher than the national average at Ivy League schools and 6x higher than the national average at many top 50 colleges and universities.

Unprecedented Referral Rate

The majority of our clients come from referrals from our current and past clients.

85+ 5-star Google Reviews

Spark has a perfect 5-star Google review rating, with over 85 reviews and growing due to consistent client satisfaction with our approach, our college consultants and our admissions results.

We help students build experiences they need to flourish in college and beyond

Spark guides students through every aspect of their academic and extracurricular development to attain their college admissions goals. This includes:

  • Strategic guidance to create a college preparation plan
  • Coaching on intellectual exploration to determine academic interests
  • Academic planning
  • Advising on summer programs and securing internships
  • Building strong and unique resumes for college admissions
  • Standardized test preparation advice
  • Improving study skills
  • Course selection advice
  • Honing college and internship interview capabilities
  • Developing leadership opportunities
  • Coaching on creating unforgettable college essays
  • Building an appropriate college list
  • Providing brainstorming, guidance, and feedback during the entire college application and college essay process
  • Determining an early application strategy

Explore our range of comprehensive consulting packages that can be tailored to fit your family’s needs.

“Thank you SO much for the expertise, guidance, and support you have provided all of us.”

Three years ago, I commented on finding your profession to be so interesting. Upon further experience, and with your indulgence, here are some of your talents we’ve appreciated, admired, and benefited from while working with you:

Booster/Cheerleader/Supporter, Confidant, Connector/Networker, Data Analyst, Database Administrator, Diplomat, Editor, Industry Analyst, Industry Intelligence, Gatherer, Listener, Marketer, Matchmaker, Mentor, Negotiator, Project Planner, Role Model, STRATEGIST, TEACHER, Therapist: Adolescent, Therapist: Family, Therapist: Parent


Our consultants are truly college admissions experts.

Spark Admissions is the nation’s best college admissions admissions consulting firm because we live and breathe admissions. We have a true passion for helping students recognize and realize their goals. At Spark, admissions is not just a job—it’s our life’s work.

All of our college admissions consultants are full-time admissions experts who have admissions experience at selective colleges, have attended top-tier universities and graduate schools, and are passionate about helping students reach their goals.

Each student and family works with one Spark Admissions consultant throughout the entire process, forging a strong and long-lasting relationship

We did the research on how top colleges and universities make admissions decisions.

Spark Admissions was founded by Harvard University doctorate Rachel Rubin and University of Chicago MBA Rachel Blankstein. While at Harvard, Dr. Rubin published the largest study to date regarding how admissions officers at the top 75 American colleges and universities make admissions decisions.

Our firm continues this research-based approach. We examine admissions trends and data on an ongoing basis and always know what colleges seek in their applicants.

We help students develop unique, compelling college applications and essays.

We coach our students on writing and presentation skills to ensure their applications shine. We help them produce stellar resumes, write compelling application essays, and ready themselves to succeed in college interviews.

We are focused on student growth, which leads to results.

We guide our students to achieve their goals through a holistic approach, helping them with every aspect of their academic and extracurricular development. We work with students to identify their passions, determine what they want to study, and develop their extracurricular strengths. By simultaneously honing both academics and extracurricular activities, our students are better prepared for a successful experience in high school, college, and beyond.

We work with all types of students.

We have extensive experience working with a wide variety of students. While many families come to us to help their children gain admission to their best-fit colleges, Ivy League universities, or other highly selective colleges, we also work with high school students who have learning challenges, who would benefit from additional motivation, who are prospective college athletic recruits, or who are primarily interested in attending art schools or BS/MD programs.

We have a research-based approach and we are always learning.

We think of ourselves as an “admissions think tank.” We constantly analyze everything related to college admissions as a cohesive team. We understand exactly how to assess what is best for each student as well as what colleges seek in their applicants.

Our service is impeccable.

We are extremely responsive and pride ourselves on the level of consulting service we provide. We are empathetic, encouraging, and readily available for our students and families. Providing exceptional support and lowering stress are always on our mind.


Admissions tips, trends, and expertise

Read expert advice from Spark Admissions counselors on crafting compelling applications and essays, where to apply to college, admissions strategies and more.

Spark Admissions has the highest college admissions success rate in the country.

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