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Rachel Blankstein

Rachel Blankstein of Spark Admissions

Co-Founder, Admissions Consultant

Rachel works one-on-one with students to help them prepare and position themselves for the admissions process. She has extensive experience in college admissions and served as a member of University of Chicago’s Alumni Admissions Committee.

Rachel regularly presents research and advice to audiences at top private and public high schools. She also frequently leads college admissions workshops at math leagues, language schools, and other venues.

In addition, Rachel has helped hundreds of students prepare for the academic demands of colleges. She assists students in gaining practice experience through internships and exposes them to additional academic and extracurricular areas to ameliorate any potential weaknesses.

Rachel’s in-depth approach to admissions consulting provides students and families with unparalleled support. Rachel develops deep relationships with students and families and ensures that students achieve exceptional admissions results.

Rachel holds an MBA from University of Chicago. She lives in Newton, MA, with her twin daughters and husband, a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

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