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Emily Herring

Emily Herring

Senior College Admissions Consultant

As a senior admissions consultant, Ms. Herring has a proven track record of working with students to obtain admission to their top-choice colleges and universities. Ms. Herring helps her students find their passions, develop unique and compelling narratives for their college applications, and achieve success in the admissions process.

Before joining Spark Admissions, Ms. Herring advised students in academic development at Harvard University, where she taught in the Harvard Writing Center and the Slavic Department. As a writing instructor, she worked one-on-one with Harvard students to improve their writing skills and essays. This work, along with her experience in admissions consulting, makes her uniquely equipped to help students organize, develop, and revise their college applications and essays.

Ms. Herring earned her M.A. from Harvard University, where she received two Certificates of Distinction in Teaching. Ms. Herring was also selected as a Fulbright Scholar. She currently lives in the Boston area.

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