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Benefits of a College Admissions Consultant

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Guidance in every grade

Spark Admissions offers a range of college consulting services for students in or entering high school. Whether your child seeks guidance navigating high school or needs help crafting application essays, our college counselors will develop a personalized plan to meet your family’s specific goals.

We understand the importance of finding the right-fit environment where your child will not only succeed, but flourish. We also know what it takes to earn admission to the nation’s top colleges and universities. That’s why we have an unprecedented track record of helping students and their families develop highly tailored, deeply personalized plans to apply—and earn acceptance to—their top-choice schools.

How we help:

  • Discovering and detailing what makes students unique;
  • Developing personalized college preparation plans;
  • Maximizing students’ high school learning experiences;
  • Creating standardized testing plans;
  • Planning summer activities and internships;
  • Determining where to apply and early admission strategies;
  • Preparing students for interviews;
  • Managing application materials and timelines;
  • Brainstorming, outlining, editing, and proofreading application essays and materials.
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We provide tailored, high-touch admissions consulting services for students in every grade.

8th Graders

A productive high school experience is the foundation for a great college application. Students who progress through high school with intention, curiosity, and confidence are stronger applicants and are better prepared for college. This is where we can help.

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9th Graders

Starting high school is exciting—and overwhelming. It’s a bigger, more diverse environment with many new options for courses and clubs. It can be hard for students and families to know where to start. Spark Admissions college counselors can help.

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10th Graders

Sophomore year is a common time to start working with a college counselor. Students are more familiar with high school and should now start thinking about college. This is a time for strategy development and creating a clear preparation plan.

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11th Graders

By junior year, students are thinking seriously about college. College lists, standardized testing, recommendation letters, and more are all at the forefront of students’ minds. We help with all of this, while also helping students become stronger applicants.

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12th Graders

It isn’t too late to seek college admissions guidance senior year. We help seniors find, strengthen, and present their unique stories. We also assist with application materials, interviews, and application strategies.

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We also offer specialized college consulting services for specific goals and needs.

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Art, Music & Film

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Athletic Recruiting

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BS/MD Programs

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Learning Differences

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Spark Admissions has the highest college admissions success rate in the country.

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