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Dr. Rachel Rickard Rebellino

Senior College Admissions Consultant

As a veteran college admissions consultant, Dr. Rickard Rebellino has over a decade of experience helping guide students in the college admissions process. She pairs her extensive knowledge of the college admissions process with her expertise as a writing coach to guide students in the development of outstanding college applications, helping them to gain acceptance to their top-choice schools.

Through Dr. Rickard Rebellino’s participation in admissions at the University of Michigan Honors Program, she gained crucial insight into the qualities and experiences that successful applicants demonstrate. In addition, she has taught undergraduate and graduate literature courses as an English professor and taught writing across multiple universities. At Spark Admissions, she builds upon these experiences to help students hone their resumes, leadership skills and academic pursuits so they shine in the college application process.

Dr. Rickard Rebellino was a Presidential Fellow at The Ohio State University, where she earned a doctorate in teaching and learning. She also graduated with distinction from the University of Michigan. She lives with her husband and their dog, Fable.

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