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Class of 2028 Early Decision and Early Action Acceptance Rates

This year’s seniors, the high school Class of 2024 and the college class of 2028, have been anxiously awaiting Early Decision (ED) results and they are here. Some Early Action (EA) results have come out, while we await many other schools’ EA results and will report on them when they come out.

In the ever-evolving landscape of college admissions, Early Decision (ED), Single-Choice Early Action (SCEA) and Early Action (EA) have emerged as strategic pathways for ambitious students seeking a competitive edge in the application process. ED, SCEA and EA are particularly strong options for admission to Ivy League and other top-20 and top-50 colleges and universities. By allowing candidates to submit their applications ahead of the regular decision deadline, Early Decision, Single-Choice Early Action and Early Action provide an opportunity for students to showcase their enthusiasm and commitment (in the case of Early Decision) to a particular institution. With most colleges and universities providing an early admission option, students can leverage this accelerated timeline to their advantage, demonstrating their genuine interest and dedication (through ED) to their top-choice schools.

This proactive approach not only signals a candidate’s eagerness to contribute to the campus community but also often results in a higher likelihood of acceptance, particularly through the binding nature of ED, providing an increasingly attractive option for those aiming to enhance their chances of securing admission to their dream institutions. With the most recent round of ED and some EA decisions having been released for next year’s incoming class, we have compiled the most up-to-date ED and EA acceptance rates for the Class of 2028.

College Class of 2028 Early Admission Rate Source
American University (ED) 65% College
Boston College (ED I) 34% College
Boston University (ED I) 34% Link
Bowdoin (ED) 13% Link
Brown University (ED) 14% Link
Bucknell University (ED I) 63% College
Dartmouth College (ED) 17% Link
Duke University (ED) 13% Link
Emory University (ED) 32% Link
Fairfield University (EA) 37% College
Florida State University (EA – In State) 38% Link
Fordham University (ED/EA) 60% College
Georgetown University (REA) 10% College
Harvard College (SCEA) 9% Link
MIT (EA) 5% Link
Rice University (ED) 15% Link
University of Georgia (EA) 34% Link
University of Notre Dame (REA) 15% Link
University of Virginia (ED) 25% Link
Williams College (ED) 23% Link
Yale University (SCEA) 9% Link

Final Thoughts

In the face of intensifying competition for coveted spots at Ivy League and other top-ranked universities, the strategic advantages offered by Early Decision (ED) and sometimes by Single-Choice Early Action and Early Action (EA) applications have become increasingly apparent. As the college admissions landscape continues to evolve, students are recognizing the significance of seizing the opportunity to submit their applications ahead of the regular decision pool. The advantages for Early Decision in particular are multifold: demonstrating unwavering commitment to a preferred institution, signaling genuine enthusiasm, and, perhaps most importantly, gaining a higher likelihood of admission. In a time when the college admissions landscape is more competitive than ever, the early application options not only empower students to proactively present their best selves but also enable them to navigate the admissions process with a calculated edge.

As additional admissions trends such as yield protection become more prevalent, it underscores the importance that strategic timing can make all the difference in achieving your college admission goals! Yield protection is when colleges limit the number of qualified applicants (especially those with top grades and scores) they accept if they do not think the student will matriculate.

Don’t let the early application process intimidate you—consider working alongside an expert college admissions consultant that can contribute seasoned knowledge that will help to best set you up for success. Click here to find out more about Spark Admission’s expertise in early admission planning and schedule an initial consultation with one of our consultants to find out how we can help support your goals for admission to your dream school today.

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