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What Questions Should You Ask a College Admissions Consultant?

Navigating the college admissions and application process is a significant and often intricate process, demanding careful consideration and informed decisions. And, let’s face it, this can certainly be a stressful time for your entire family. As you navigate this pivotal phase, the role of a college admissions consultant becomes paramount. However, understanding what questions to pose to these consultants is equally crucial. In this post, we delve into some of the essential questions that you should ask of your college admissions consultant. Whether you’re a high school student mapping out your future or a parent eager to support your child’s aspirations, arming yourself with the right questions ensures that the guidance you receive is tailored, effective, and aligns seamlessly with your goals. We have outlined a few critical questions that will empower you to make the most out of college admissions consulting.

What questions should you ask a college admissions consultant?

1. Can you provide me with an analysis of where I currently stand?

This means based upon a student’s grades, extracurriculars and goals, what does a student need to accomplish to obtain their goals. A top college admissions consultant will work with students on conducting this analysis and working hand in hand with the student to help them to accomplish their goals. Of course, many students’ paths will change and pivot along the way.

2. Can you help me with figuring out an academic area of interest?

Many people don’t understand this, but colleges require that you apply to a particular major (they may say you don’t have to, but they prefer that you do). You can (and most people do) change your major many times once you are in college, but it is crucial to know what major you will be selecting for the application process and have a story built around why you have chosen to apply for that major.

3. What strategies should I employ to be most competitive in the application process?

The best college admissions consultants don’t just navigate you through the process, but they will get to know you and your individual interests so that they can provide you with customized suggestions and experiences that will distinguish you from the crowd of applicants and help you to standout in an increasingly competitive admissions landscape. College counselors should also be patient with you and understand that this is an evolving process wherein students’ interests may change over time and they should be ready to adapt to the student’s needs as they change.

4. What do you recommend in terms of my early application strategy (Early Decision, Early Action, Single-Choice Early Action, etc.)?

A top college consultant should be able to maximize your chances of getting in by recommending where you should apply early (in some cases this is called Early Decision, sometimes it is Single Choice Early Action and for some schools it may only be Early Action). This is one of the most crucial decisions in your strategy, as the cost to applying to schools that are potentially too highly ranked may mean that you are foregoing opportunities at other schools of interest that may be too hard for you to get into in the regular decision round. Admissions standards are generally much higher for regular decision since colleges want to both maximize the profile of their admitted class (with the highest grades and scores) while also ensuring that they have achieved the highest yield (what is the likelihood of a student matriculating if they are admitted). In addition, some colleges will care if you have shown demonstrated interest during the admissions process and will also take that into account during the regular decision round.

5. Can you provide in-depth guidance and edits on all of my essays?

You will soon find out, depending on your college list, that you could have as many as 40 essays to write because many schools have their own school-specific essays (these are infamously difficult for many students to craft well). For many schools, the essay process goes far beyond the Common App essay (also known as the personal statement). Having someone who can help you work through many drafts of each and every essay so that you can produce high quality, unique essays is crucial to shine as an applicant. Colleges want to see that you have paid very careful attention to their essays. That you show that you understand that particular school and that you have clearly answer the prompts the way that school has asked. Not all college consultants can offer equal expertise in writing coaching. It’s crucial to seek assistance from someone who not only serves as a consultant but also excels as a writing coach and possesses a profound understanding of what admissions officers are looking for.

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