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Spark Admissions is the nation’s highest-rated college admissions consulting firm. We offer one-on-one college counseling to help Palo Alto area students find—and get into—their best-fit colleges and universities.

Spark Admissions’ Ivy League admissions results are more than 8 times that national average admissions rates, while our admissions rates at many of the top 50 schools is more than 6 times the national average admissions rates.

Spark Admissions has a perfect 5-star Google rating, over a decade of experience getting students admission to their top-choice colleges. Spark Admissions is led by Dr. Rachel Rubin, who conducted the largest study at Harvard on how the top 75 colleges and universities make admissions decisions.

We have helped our Palo Alto-area students get into Ivy League and other highly ranked colleges and universities. Our Palo Alto students gain admission to Stanford University, Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Northwestern University, Cornell University, and more.

Palo Alto College Consulting Services

Spark Admissions offers college admissions consulting services for students from schools in the greater Palo Alto area for 8th graders, 9th graders, 10th graders, 11th graders or 12th graders. If you are looking for expert guidance on college preparation throughout high school or college application and essay support, our flexible counseling packages can be tailored to fit your family’s needs.

Spark has provided college admissions consulting services to students in the Palo Alto area from the following Palo Alto high schools: Palo Alto High School, The Harker School, Castilleja School, Henry M. Gunn High School, and Kehillah Jewish High School.

College Consulting Services

Spark Admissions college consulting services for Palo Alto students include:

Our college admissions consultants have worked with Palo Alto students from Crescent Park, Esther Clark Park, Menlo Park, Evergreen Park, Fairmeadow Green Acres, Greendell, Leland Manor, Mayfield, Midtown, Palo Alto Hills, Palo Verde, Southgate, Ventura, Walnut Grove, and more.

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Spark Admissions has the highest college admissions success rate in the country.

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