About Us

Spark Admissions is the premier college admissions consulting firm for students seeking expert guidance throughout the college preparation and application process.

Our goal is to help students find, and get into, the ideal college for them. We view the college preparation period as a time for skill-set development. Specifically, we help to prepare students for the academic demands of college, to assist students in gaining practical experience through internships, and to expose students to additional academic and extracurricular areas in order to ameliorate any potential weaknesses.

Spark Admissions includes Harvard doctorate Rachel Rubin and University of Chicago MBA Rachel Blankstein. In addition to providing college admissions consulting, Dr. Rubin and Ms. Blankstein have admissions experience at their respective alma matters.

Dr. Rubin is one of the foremost leaders in the field of college admissions.  In 2012, Dr. Rubin garnered international press coverage on CNN and in The Wall Street Journal and TIME for her groundbreaking research on how the 75 most selective U.S. colleges make admissions decisions. In conjunction with Dr. Rubin’s academic leadership in the field of college admissions, Ms. Blankstein brings a much-needed practical perspective to college admissions through her background in marketing, career planning, and skill-set development. This is critical for two reasons. First, the college admissions process is essentially an exercise in students marketing themselves to colleges. Second, Spark firmly believes that students should have the opportunity to learn about different careers and explore their interests before their significant investment in college begins.

Spark provides advice on any college admissions topic, including how students can meet their college admission goals, finding the perfect college for each student, strategizing how to get into students' top-choice schools, brainstorming and editing college application essays, college interview preparation, and more. Please see our services overview for detailed information about working with Spark Admissions.

Spark Admissions is based in the greater Boston area. However, we work with clients in Boston, across the U.S. and internationally. 


sparkadmissionsteamSpark provides customized guidance to help you get into your top-choice schools.