Private School Admissions Consulting

Spark offers comprehensive private (independent) school admissions consulting services to help students gain admission to the best private school for them. We specifically serve children applying for private school admission for 6th through 12th grades, and serve students who wish to attend day schools and boarding schools. Spark guides a wide-range of students, including those aiming for elite private schools, those needing personalized attention, and those with a range of learning needs.

We provide hands-on guidance throughout every step of the private school admissions preparation and application process. We consider academic, social and emotional fit when recommending school lists and helping families develop a strategic plan for private school admissions. Our goal is to help you and your child find the ideal learning environment for success.

Topics covered in our private school admissions application packages include:

  • ✔ Identifying and developing a plan to help students attain intended goals and present themselves as a unique applicant
  • ✔ Determining where to apply
  • ✔ Developing a standardized test preparation plan
  • ✔ Managing application materials and timeline
  • ✔ Assisting parents and students on visit and interview preparation
  • ✔ Brainstorming, outlining, editing, and proofreading essays and applications

Spark offers comprehensive private school admissions packages. Our packages are flexible, allowing you to determine where you would like the most help. so that Spark can assist with the preparation needed for the admissions process. Below please find examples of how some families have utilized our services.

Private School Admissions Packages and Client Examples
Services 10-Hour
Pricing $5,995 $10,995 $15,995
Evaluate Student and Provide Guidance on the Steps Needed to Achieve Goals 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
Developing an Exceptional Private School Admissions Strategy & Determining Why You are Unique 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours
Creating an Admissions Preparation and Application Timeline 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
Determining Where to Apply 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
Conducting Mock Interviews with Students and Parents 2 hours 3 hours 3 hours
Providing Advice on Extracurricular Development 0 hours 1 hour 3 hours
Creating a Standardized Test Preparation Strategy, if Necessary 0 hours 1 hour 1 hour
Assisting with Parent and Student Essays 4 hours 8 hours 15 hours
Providing Continuous Guidance on Client Questions 0 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Total 10 hours 20 hours 30 hours