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College Counseling
for 11th Graders

Your stress-free competitive advantage

High school juniors often navigate challenging courses, extracurriculars, and the typical strains of teenage life.

We work closely with families to make preparing for the college admissions process more manageable and stress-free. In addition, our college counselors have a proven track record of helping students become significantly more competitive college applicants and gain acceptance to their top-choice schools.

11th Grade Services

We help students develop unique and compelling college applications that reflect their strengths and set them apart from their peers. Our proven expertise makes families feel at ease and confident throughout the process.

Students working with us junior year can expect:

  • A personalized college admissions strategy and timeline based upon their college admissions goals;
  • A college list reflective of their interests as well as schools’ unique personalities;
  • Help finding and strengthening any weaknesses in their academic and extracurricular profiles;
  • Advice on deepening their involvement in extracurriculars to expand their leadership skills;
  • Ideas for ways to stimulate curiosity and grow their potential throughout the year;
  • Preparation for college admissions interviews through mock sessions and extensive feedback;
  • A full standardized testing plan, including which test(s) to take, when, and how to prepare;
  • Guidance on finding and applying to internships and competitive summer opportunities;
  • Advice on which teachers and other individuals to ask for letters of recommendation;
  • Guidance on college visits, including advice on what to look for at each school;
  • Help communicating academic and personal strengths to showcase in their applications;
  • Application and essay support, including brainstorming, outlining, editing, and proofreading;
  • Review of the Common Application to ensure complete perfection;
  • Management of applications materials, timelines, and deadlines for all schools;
  • Guidance on what courses to take in 12th grade.
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The Spark Advantage

In addition to our grade-specific services, all students who work with Spark Admissions college consultants receive:

  • Clear goals and a roadmap for getting into their top-choice colleges;
  • A personalized, multi-year strategy for maximizing their admissions potential;
  • Help honing academic and extracurricular strengths;
  • Advice on intellectual enrichment, study skills, and academic improvement;
  • Guidance on application and essay development to ultimately submit stellar college applications;
  • A long-term relationship with a counselor who is dedicated to helping students meet their fullest potential and is readily available to answer questions.
Smiling teen boy of Indian descent writing in notebook at desk in classroom

Flexible pricing to fit your needs

We offer three comprehensive college preparation and application packages for 11th-grade families. We’ll recommend the package that’s right for you during our initial consultation, and then we’ll work together to determine how to use your hours to help your child achieve his or her goals.

Success Stories

Families who begin working with Spark Admissions in 11th grade are able to tackle the college admissions process with knowledge, experience, and extensive preparation.


Ethan came to Spark Admissions during his junior year as a shy, reserved student full of potential.

He had high academic aspirations, but his parents knew he’d need help showcasing his personality so college admissions committees could see how invaluable he would be to their schools.

We helped Ethan cultivate a number of attributes that would make him a competitive college applicant—including confidence, proactivity, and leadership skills.

What We Did

Ethan’s Spark Admissions counselor:

  • Encouraged him to step far outside his comfort zone and hone his leadership skills by joining activities that aligned with his academic interests;
  • Helped him identify and participate in hands-on volunteer opportunities, which boosted his pride as he saw how his work helped others;
  • Nurtured his self-confidence, which helped him take more initiative and be more proactive;
  • Counseled Ethan on how to weave his unique story into various parts of his college applications;
  • Provided detailed, constructive feedback on each draft of his application essays and materials.

Admissions Result

Ethan was accepted to Princeton University, Harvard University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

*Student’s name changed for privacy

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