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Three Tips for Getting into College

March 07, 2013
Written by Rachel B. Rubin
  1. 1.In your college applications, you want to stress your strengths. If you have stellar grades and have taken rigorous courses but your test scores are not as high as you'd like, think about why that is and explain it to the admissions office. They know that some people are simply not strong test takers, and they will take that into account. However, if you got high scores on your SAT or ACT but your grades or coursework were not strong, explain that to admissions offices (this might include clarifying any extenuating circumstances that you faced or highlighting how your grades improved as you matured and moved farther along in high school).
  2. 2.Colleges admit students, not numbers. By continually providing a clear and concise picture of who you are and what you will add to the school, admissions offices will pay less attention to your areas of weakness. You should do this throughout your application, but particularly in your essays and resume.
  3. 3.Even though SATs and ACTs are less important than they once were, they are certainly not inconsequential. Thus, if you have not taken your standardized tests yet, you should figure out what test(s) to take (e.g., SAT I, SAT II, ACT), how many times to take each test, and how to prepare. Make a comprehensive plan, and stick to it!

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